Meridell Achievement Center is located near Austin in Central Texas, and our patients come from approximately 35 states. As nearly every one of our staff members is a parent, we empathize with families who feel anxious about their child being far from home.

Meridell specializes in neurobehavioral treatment for patients ages 10 to 17. Our neurobehavioral programs focus on treating impulsive, explosive behavior and issues such as disruptive mood dysregulation disorder (DMDD). These programs are physically and programmatically distinct from our behavioral programs.

Care for Military Dependents

On average, about 40 of our approximately 110 patients are children of active duty service members or veterans of the US Military. Some of these patients come to us from as far as Europe and Asia. We have nearly 20 veterans on staff at Meridell, and they have a unique military outlook on why families that live far away choose Meridell.

Here’s a statement from one of our military veteran staff members:

“When I was in the army, I was deployed to northern Germany during winter and to the California desert during summer for specialized training in those environments. Many parents of kids at Meridell think in terms of ‘deploying’ their child to Meridell for specialized neurobehavioral ‘training’ or treatment.”

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