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Intake Process

Intake Process

Intake Process

To begin the intake process at Meridell Achievement Center, please call Intake Services at 800-366-8656 or 512-528-2100. Be prepared to provide the following information below when you call. The information provided and the results of behavioral and neurobehavioral evaluations determine the treatment program we recommend for each patient.

Basic Information

  • Names, addresses and contact information of patient and parent or legal guardian
  • Diagnoses
  • Current and prior hospitalizations
  • Current outpatient programming
  • Current medications

Notable Information

  • Known or suspected neurological involvement
  • Type of behavior (explosive, impulsive, sexually acting out, cutting, etc.)

Clinical Information

  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Psychosocial history
  • History and physical results
  • Current medications
  • Recent laboratory reports
  • Discharge summary (if any)
  • Psychological testing (if any)
  • School testing (if any)

Insurance Information

  • Name and phone number of insurance company
  • Subscriber’s name, date of birth and employer
  • Member identification number

We will guide you through pre-certification with your insurance company.

Give Us A Call

Call Meridell Achievement Center at 512-528-2100 or 800-366-8656 to ask questions or make a referral. We proudly accept TRICARE® and most major insurance coverages.