Patient personal dress and grooming standards if they comply with the following:

  1. Apparel and/or accessories that contain references to discrimination, alcohol products, tobacco products, drugs, sex, vulgarity, death, suicide, the occult, or violence – either explicitly or by innuendo – are prohibited.
  2. Apparel and/or accessories that denote gang-related associations are prohibited (i.e., rags, bandanas, shirts draped over the shoulder, shaved/notched eyebrows, or other physical alterations
  3. Frayed, holed, or ripped clothing should not expose underwear, undergarments and private areas and must meet all other requirements of the dress code.
  4. Hair must be clean, well-groomed, and out of the eyes. Colored highlights are permitted.
  5. Silicone spacers may be worn for ear piercings only.
  6. Caps, hats, head coverings, and/or dark glasses are prohibited inside the building.
  7. Tops must meet the beltline and should not expose the midriff at any time. The exposure of underwear, undergarments, cleavage, and the wearing of see-through, mesh or swimsuit tops are prohibited.
  8. Jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, and hoodies are permitted following the dress code guidelines and hoods should not be worn inside. Trench coats are prohibited.
  9. Pants must be sized appropriately and worn at the natural waistline. Sagging pants and the revealing of underwear, undergarments or private areas is prohibited. Sleepwear, lounge pants, pajamas, and swimsuit bottoms or shorts are appropriate for bed room and when kept covered by a robe or shirt.
  10. Shorts, skirts, and/or dresses must be no shorter than 3 inches from knee. Leggings (or similarly styled pants) must not expose underwear, undergarments, or private areas at any time.  Leggings must cover all skin to ankle; shirts to coverage to fingertip or below when wearing leggings.
  11. Approved shoes must be always worn.
  12. The treatment team has the right to evaluate any current fashion or fad and determine whether it is appropriate for taking into consideration the age and grade of the patient. Any patient who has a religious exemption should be discussed at admission.
  13. Patients do not have to sleep in a bra (normalcy rule) but must put on a bra or cover up with a robe if they leave their room for any reason. Appropriate bedtime attire is required for all patients.
  14. Appropriate swim attire must be worn at the pool. All private areas must be covered.  This applies to all body types.