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Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

At Meridell Achievement Center, we take great pride in the behavioral health treatment and educational services we provide, but you should not just take our word for it. Read the testimonials below to see what other parents have said after their adolescents left our care.

“I whole heartedly believe that without the care and concern for my children, they would not have progressed as much as they did. The kindness and effort to keep us updated was outstanding. I will hold everyone at MERIDELL immensely thankful for getting my children on the right track to come home! We will never forget the service you provided for our family!”

“Thank you for the loving environment and professional behavior your facility provides. We could not be happier with the care our son received. It has been more bearable to have our son here, knowing we could call anytime and the staff could tell us what was going on at any point in the day or day before. The staff made our family feel as if our son was with extended family. Don’t change anything.”

“A very great experience. I can only begin to comprehend the logistics required for this place. It was all superb! Meridell has been exceptional. My therapist was outstanding through the entire process. The nurses were excellent as well. I would strongly recommend Meridell to any family going through the situation we have. We have hope like never before. Thank you to everybody!”

“I cannot express my gratitude enough for the overall care of my son. It was different to leave him and go home, but when I spoke to him, the staff, the nurses, doctor and therapist, I always had a peace of mind that he was in good hands and was well cared for, and the plan in place was constantly being adjusted and met.”

“Meridell is a great facility! I want to express my gratitude from our family. All the departments were awesome. When I was searching for placement for my son, it was the parents I spoke to when I went to leave the admission packet that made me feel at ease. My son still has a long journey ahead, but it was the staff at Meridell that made the difference.”

“While my son was here, I met two parents and one former patient. Each one said Meridell saved their child’s and their own lives.”

“I never thought my son would live at home or be able to go to school. Now he can! Forever grateful.”

“Great calls at night with updates! They were very, very helpful.”

“We so appreciate everything you guys did for our son. We know that it was up to him to put in the work, but the environment you guys provide went a long way towards helping. You guys are amazing and you gave us our son back. Thank you!!!”

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