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Post-storm update as we recover.

We’re focused on helping families we were working with before electric blackouts and low water pressure.

If you’ve tried to call us and/or fax or scan clinical info, and if you still want same patients referred, would you please let us know?

Admissions phone: 800-366-8656
Admissions fax: 512-528-2193


Alan Reiman
[email protected]

Denise Finger
[email protected]

Clinical and Educational Care

Meridell Achievement Center is a residential treatment center that specializes in behavioral and neurobehavioral programs for adolescents. We strive to help youths find successful outcomes and continued success after discharge.
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Behavioral Program

Behavioral programs are designed for adolescents who struggle with decision making despite having purposeful and controlled behaviors.

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Neurobehavioral Program

Neurobehavioral programs aim to help youths who experience loss of control, impulsivity and aggressive behaviors that complicate their lives.

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Find answers to common questions regarding our treatment programs and the admission process.

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Make a Referral

Find all the admission forms and contact information you will need to refer an adolescent patient for admission to one of our treatment programs.

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Intake Process

Make the intake process as quick and easy as possible by being prepared with basic and notable medical history and other relevant patient information.

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Insurance Info

We accept coverage from many major insurance providers and TRICARE® to make our services accessible to families across the US and worldwide.

Discover the common symptoms and histories that make a patient an appropriate candidate for one of our programs. This is also where you can learn the types of patients we do not treat.

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We take great pride in the quality treatment we provide to adolescents, but you should not just take our word for it. Read some testimonials written by satisfied parents of past patients.

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To make your stay at Meridell Achievement Center as comfortable as possible, please read through our lists of possessions you can and cannot bring. Allowed items are decided by each unit.

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Patient Stories


We understand that Governor Abbott announced that he will lift a statewide mask mandate, effective March 10, 2021. While we respect the Governor’s decree in this matter, Meridell Achievement Center, in accordance with CDC recommendations, will continue to have all staff and patients wear masks until further notice. Our goal in this matter is to advocate for safety for all of our patients, staff and community. ...
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Congratulations to our Sunshine Therapist, Katie! Katie works on our Neurobehavioral Girls unit Hacienda. Since joining our team back in October, she has spread sunshine across campus to every patient and colleague she interacts with. Thank you for all that you do, Katie. We appreciate you! ...
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Since 1961, Meridell Achievement Center has been a home for healing. Find out more about our campus by watching this video.

Meridell Achievement Center

Meridell Achievement Center

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