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Neurobehavioral Program

Neurobehavioral Program

Neurobehavioral Program

Youths with neurobehavioral issues experience loss of control, impulsivity and aggressive behaviors. They usually have prior hospitalizations along with numerous diagnoses and medications (much like behavioral youths). Their behaviors tend to be out of control and not guided by purposeful choice.

Meridell Achievement Center’s adolescent neurobehavioral program focuses on non-confrontation. We steer youths toward what they can do rather than instruct them on what they may not do. We offer our neurobehavioral program on three separate units: Eagles (assigned at birth male ages 11-13), Falcons (assigned at birth male ages 14-17) and Ravens- Sapphire/ Rubies (assigned at birth female 11-17).

Patients are evaluated at intake so they are placed in the appropriate program.


Neurobehavioral Program Values

  • Prevent overstimulation: quieter, calmer, slower paced
  • Decrease negative attention: redirect, pick battles, ignore minor and silly behavior
  • Positive approach: behavior that is wanted as opposed to unwanted
  • Avoid power struggles: encourage negotiation to obtain needs and earn privileges
  • Avoid aggression: gain insight into signs of escalation, replace negative coping skills with positive ones
  • Modify school demands: shorter sessions, smaller groups, less distraction

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