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Neurobehavioral Program

Neurobehavioral Program

Neurobehavioral Program

Neurobehavioral youth experience impulsivity and challenges in managing emotions healthily, and often lack the social skills to identify how to interact appropriately with others. Our highly structured neurobehavioral programs emphasize routine and consistency, and utilize positive reinforcement and natural outcomes.

The program focuses on recognizing what the youth is doing successfully and provides feedback on how they can improve their skills. We encourage youth to learn their own power in understanding and embracing their emotions, as well as how they can respond in a safe, respectful way. Staff are here to help guide patients in their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Meridell Neurobehavioral Program

Specialized treatment for youth with neurobehavioral issues

Our treatment programs for middle or high school boys or girls ages 11-17 are designed to help patients understand their patterns of thinking and behaving by getting to the root of any underlying biological causes for their behavioral issues.

Child and adolescent psychiatrists direct treatment teams comprised of licensed master’s-level counselors, nurses, recreational therapists, mental health technicians (direct care staff) and teachers. Treatment teams are supported by a pediatric neurologist, registered dietitian, medical nurse practitioner, family practice physician and psychologists.

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