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Behavioral Program

Behavioral Program

Behavioral Program

Youths with behavioral issues tend to act manipulatively and with purpose. They often have prior hospitalizations and multiple diagnoses and medications (much like neurobehavioral youths). Although their behaviors are purposeful and controlled, they usually struggle due to peer pressure and poor decision-making.

Meridell Achievement Center’s residential behavioral programs give these adolescents the opportunity to understand their patterns of thinking and behaving. We offer four behavioral programs: La Casa for boys ages 13-17, and Bunk House and Ranch House for girls ages 13-17.

Please read our residential behavioral treatment handbook for complete details. Patients are evaluated at intake so they are placed in the appropriate program.

Behavioral Program Values

  • Promote intensive group therapy and interactions to support a positive peer culture
  • Emphasize strong, positive role-modeling by staff
  • Stimulate positive social opportunities with challenging group and individual work
  • Instill self-confidence and leadership through opportunities and respect
  • Reward positive effort and behavior

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