On-Site I.Q. Testing, ADHD Testing, and Autism Disorder Testing Available

The Meridell Psychological Testing Department provides diagnostic clarification for the treatment teams and for the families of our patients. The Testing Department can assess intellectual functioning, academic achievement, personality traits, traumatic stress and history of diagnoses that formulate a unique treatment plan specific for each patient.

We understand that finding adequate resources and testing services may be challenging for families. We strive to give the families of our patients something tangible to take with them after discharge that is well-collaborated with our treatment team. This provides families with a new plan of action to benefit them and their child when they return to home and school.

When assessing our patients, our Testing Department looks from multiple different angles and perspectives: trauma and neurodevelopmental. They thoroughly examine the patient’s genetics, patient and family history of mental disorders, attachment styles, symptoms of ADHD or Autism presented, intellectual functioning, strengths and weaknesses in different environments and history of trauma and abuse.

We believe that patient care is not generalized to a specific approach. Every one of our patients is unique, so developing a course of treatment centered to them is critical to our services.

Testing for your child is made available once a written order from one of our full-time providers upon initial and on-going assessments.

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